Karolina Bittner

Victims of the Poznań June 1956

The number of parties aggrieved in the events that took place on June 28-29, 1956 has raised many doubts. We can actually talk about a debate on the number of casualties and wounded, with the figure of the former ranging from several dozen to over one hundred, depending on the publication.
The first lists of casualties of the June 1956 events appeared in the literature in 1980s. According to the findings of Aleksander Ziemkowski from 1981, the June 1956 Poznan uprising claimed the lives of 74 people; however, in 1990 he provided a figure of 113 casualties, based on the recollections of Jerzy Mond. In 1996, A. Ziemkowski verified the list of casualties, setting their number at 67. Antoni Czubiński, in his study dated 1981, estimated the figure of those killed at 75, and wounded at 600, and in 1986 he provided the number of 74 casualties, making reference to A. Ziemkowski. A year later, A. Czubiński set the figure of casualties at about 70, and maintained it in 1998. According to findings of Andrzej Choniawko from 1981, there were 55 people killed and 575 wounded in the June 1956 Poznań uprising and in 1986, he mentioned 57 casualties. In 1992, Stanisław Jankowiak gave the number of 53 killed and approximately 300 wounded. Edmund Makowski published different figures concerning the victims of the June 1956. In 1981, he provided the number of 74 casualties and either 600 or 575 wounded, whereas in 1989 he wrote about 70 killed and 573 wounded, and in 2001 he set the figure of casualties at 73 and the figure of wounded at 1,000. In 2002, Stanisław Sierpowski and Stanisław Żerko identified the number of casualties at over 70, with several hundred wounded. According to the findings of Łukasz Jastrząb from 2006, the list of casualties from June 1956 features 57 people, including 4 soldiers, 3 officers of the Security Office and 1 militia officer, and the list of wounded at 384. In the investigation of the Institute of National Remembrance into the June 1956 Poznań uprising it has been established that 58 people were killed, including 50 civilians, 4 soldiers, 1 militia officer and 3 officers of the Security Office, whereas the number of wounded reached at least 573 people, including 523 civilians, 15 officers of the Security Office, 7 Civic Militia officers and 28 soldiers.