• Persecutions of the rebellious city: investigations and trials

    A gloomy foreboding of persecutions was to be expected by residents of the rebellious Poznań from the people’s government were the words of Józef Cyrankiewicz. The then Prime Minister, said on June 29th that anyone who raised his hand against the people's government might be sure that this hand would be ‘chopped off’. The following day, Edward Gierek, the then Secretary of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers’ Party (KC PZPR), announced severe punishments at the funeral of victims.

  • Victims of the Poznań June 1956

    The number of parties aggrieved in the events that took place on June 28-29, 1956 has raised many doubts. We can actually talk about a debate on the number of casualties and wounded, with the figure of the former ranging from several dozen to over one hundred, depending on the publication.