June 29, 1956

At 4:00-5:00 am, units of the 5th Infantry Division of the 2nd Military Corps enter Poznań. Units of the 4th Infantry Division are sent to ZISPO and deployed in the area of the Poznań International Fair and Dąbrowskiego Street and Polna Street. The tasks of units of the 5th Infantry Division include: protection of the WUBP building, KBW barracks and ZNTK, street patrols and smashing resistance centres, which lasts until about 5:00 pm. Some units are sent to factories in Luboń that also went on strike.
A majority of factories in Poznań do not start work. There are strikes in various companies in Luboń, Swarzędz and Kostrzyn. In the afternoon, a few thousand protesters on Dąbrowskiego Street try to approach the WUBP building. Upon noticing tanks deployed there, the crowd disperses. In Swarzędz, the army prevents a march of protesters to Poznań.
At 7:30 pm, Prime Minister Józef Cyrankiewicz makes his radio address, in which he threatens that enemies of the people’s government will have their hands chopped off.

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