June 27, 1956

Upon their return to ZISPO, the delegates inform the staff that their demands have been met. Minister Fidelski and CRZZ representatives, Marian Czerwiński and Józef Bień, arrive at ZISPO. At a meeting with delegates, the Minister presents his opinion on what has been agreed the previous day. Rallies are held in all ZISPO divisions, attended by representatives of state authorities. In W 8, Zofia Błotna tries to go on strike, and some workers follow suit.
At ZNTK, ‘strike tendencies’ have been around for a couple of days now. The strike is initiated by workers of VIII/o Division. At a mass meeting, workers demand a meeting with the Transport Minister. Leon Stasiak, the First Secretary of KW PZPR in Poznań, and Józef Pieprzyk, the President of the Board of the Provincial National Council, arrive at the works and attend the mass meeting. Czesław Rutkowski, one of strike organisers, is detained for 48 hours by the PUds.BP in Szamotuły.

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